Writing tips…

***I recently had my ms critiqued by a wonderful and talented friend. She had a lot of notes regarding description – she wanted more on my hunky hero and fiery heroine. I didn’t do enough with their appearance or my heroine’s ethnic background or with scenery. It goes to show that we think we are getting everything across to our reader’s when we really aren’t. My tip below is even more important as I get into my first round of revisions.***

Tip #1 – Really know your characters inside and out – all their quirks and flaws.

What kind of childhood did they have? Did they have any siblings? What about their parents? Where did they go to school? Why do they act or think the way they do? What is their favourite food?

It’s important to ask these questions before you sit down to write. You’ll be surprised how the characters come alive on the page and it will be easier to figure out what they will say or how they will react to a situation when you know them as well as you know yourself.

Give it a try.


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