A new UBC writing course


I can’t wait to start this new UBC writing course. I’ve been looking for the motivation to get working on my next romance novel re-write. It’s a daunting task. On my editor friend’s advice, I removed the storyline that I had initially based my story on and focus on a plot I had as a secondary mention.

So, here I am, looking at my manuscript at arm’s length, wondering what the hell do I do now! LOL. Where do I start? Do I tear it up and start over? Do I go scene-by-scene and start changing things hoping that it will make sense when I come out the other side?

She suggested I redo my heroine’s and hero’s GMC (Goal, Motivation & Conflict) to fit the new storyline. Okay, check!

Next is to do a plot outline. Start with the heroine, who is my main character, and then do one for the hero. Okay… Ummm… Well…


So here I sit this Sunday morning, scrolling through Facebook, when a writing group that I belong to (BC Writers, Authors & Editors) posted the above link.

I wasn’t looking for it. I think it found me.

Let’s say it’s the kick in the pants I’ve been waiting for to start working on a story I think about every day but can’t seem to find the motivation or desire to begin.

Look out, March 1st! I’ll be there will bells on!

And maybe I’ll see one of you there? Go ahead and take a look at the course description; it’s going to be great.


Ahhh….summer is finally here to inspire some writing

Summer, inspire, writing… I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while. My writing has been on hold since November. Sure, I have the regular excuses – kids, work, taxi service, renovations. But with the kids activities done for the summer and more than one hour a night to do something for me, I am eager to start working on my novel again. 

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When belonging to a critique group, one has to have a thick skin. You are passing your baby, your pride and joy, into someone else’s hands and letting them scribble all over it in red and blue pen making changes, or rather, suggestions, that they think will be helpful.
Take it just as that – suggestions!!!
When you get home and stare at all the crossed out words, add-ins and question marks, remember that they are just suggestions. You have the final say about what you decide to change or fix. You don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t want to – it’s your book after all.
But remember, these people who you have entrusted your manuscript to are trying to help, trying to get you that much closer to the finish line. And another set of eyes does wonders and catches things you missed.
I am very grateful for my critique group and love them to bits. I have learned so much and I will miss them over the Christmas holidays.
Merry Christmas guys. We’re back at it in the New Year.

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Yesterday I received an email about Deb Werksman and the Casablanca Authors Blog. There is some amazing information on that site that every budding writer should know to get their work seen. She is also hosting a contest for today only – send your pitch – and what a nerve-wracking experience it has been for me.

I was working on my pitch, getting it ready for the SiWC, when I came across this blog so I gathered up my notes and put together a quick pitch. After my hubby took a look at it – and he is NOT into romance novels whatsoever – he gave me the thumbs down and I was back at the drawing board.

So today, I sat down in front of my computer at that particular blog site and hashed out a new one – it took me all morning but I came up with one that I liked. I feel it explains the core of my book which was something I wasn’t able to explain last year, but I also feel it is plot driven instead of just the hook.

But that’s okay, because I want feedback. I want Deb’s help which will steer me in the right direction when I pitch to an agent in Surrey this October.

I’ll let you know what happens.

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I just finished reading a novel by Maya Banks – a writer for Harlequin Desire. She is amazing! Right from the start she had my heart lurching and feeling that ever-familiar gut pain that makes you want to cry. I kept telling myself-this is the kind of reaction I want to instill in my readers. And as I wiped away my tears, I realized that I can’t compare myself to other experienced writers. I need to establish my own voice and write with all the passion that I possess. I may not get the reaction I want right away, but I will get there.

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Synopsis for a Pitch

I’ve started to write a synopsis of my novel that I plan to pitch at the SiWC. You need to get down to the heart of your story in order to answer the question “what is your story about?”

Last year at the conference I asked myself that and went into immediate panic mode. For a novel that I had been working on for years and knew the characters like I know my family, I couldn’t believe I didn’t know the answer to this obvious question. Yes, there’s emotional turmoil, a love triangle, betrayal, a broken friendship, etc, but that’s not what my story is about – that’s what happens to the characters in the story.

So, now I am writing a quick synopsis of the all the key points, making sure it flows as the first half of the book is undergoing revisions.

I’ll let you know how it turns out, what I discover about my novel, and how many pages I emerge with. 🙂