Writing in nature

I had the wonderful opportunity to attend a Writer’s Retreat at a beautiful farm in the Shuswap. There was a small group of us and our first order of business was to take a leisurely walk around the yard and take in everything we could enveloping all our senses. From the flowers, vines, tall evergreen trees and the hawks flying overhead, memories flowed through me like a waterfall. We then had a chance to write it all down followed by a few more writing exercises which we got to share with everyone.

A delicious lunch topped off with extraordinary raspberry pie and tantalizing conversation was soon followed by a lesson on the differences between self-publishing and the traditional form of publishing. We then had a chance to do some improv and character development.

A wine and cheese snack finished off the day and soon we were on our way back to reality and the busy city life.

Enjoying the beauty, smelling the crisp fresh air and sweet flowers relaxed me and brought me down to earth. I realized then that we all need to slow down every once in a while, take a deep breath and then things seem a little easier to handle.

Romance writing

Figuring it out

I have been writing like crazy working out scenes and asking myself – does this make sense? Will the reader understand what I am saying and have I answered any questions the reader may have?

I am working my way through a crucial scene – something that happens before my hero and heroine meet, but it is the common factor that brings them together.

So, I write in my little black notebook, which I take with me whenever I can, and work the scenes out. I have been writing dialogue as well as the scenes play out in my head. I am enjoying this new development of my writing as it keeps me on track.

I am considering the idea of recipe cards pinned up on my board with all the scenes mapped out to see at a glance. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now but my notebook is working fine for the moment.

Romance writing

Writing space

Well, I’ve finally had some free time where I can organize my writing space. I just finished reading a post about how important it is to have your own personal space to create. My space was a corner of the living room that seemed to collect everyone’s junk and became more of a decoration than an actual writing spot. All the distractions of a living room – TV, X-box, phone, etc., became too much.
So, yesterday I took on the project of cleaning our office (which is where my husband works) but I was able to carve out a little corner for myself and I must say it looks quite cozy. Of course, I won’t be working in there when he is, but as I do most of my writing at night it will work fine as he will be in the living room.
I haven’t sat down to see if it will actually inspire me, but I am more than willing to give it a try. 🙂

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Ok, I promised a schedule… so here it goes.
Ask yourself a few questions first, such as, what time of the day do you like to write? When do you feel the most inspired and creative? Do you have a quiet place to work? For me, it’s in the evenings. Now that life at my house has calmed down a bit, I can make some time and actually stick to it.

Monday – 7:00-9:00 (of course this doesn’t have to be a permanent time, but if something comes up hopefully you put some time in).
Tuesday – no, band practice.
Wednesday – 7:00-9:00
Thursday – 8:00-9:00
Friday – 7:00-9:00
Saturday/Sunday – at my own discretion, depending on what the family is doing. Again, later in the evening for me.

So sit down with your daily schedule and be very detailed about what you do on a regular day. That will be the only way to squeeze in the time needed to work on your creation – no more procrastination allowed! Even if it’s only one sentence, it’s better than nothing.

Be accountable to someone – even your husband/wife and kids. Tell them this is your time and make it a part of the family’s regular routine.

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Problem solved?

So, what did I do about my dilemma you ask? I took a piece of paper, folded it in half, and wrote down as many ideas for both books that I could remember. Unfortunately (or maybe not) the book that I have put to rest since the Surrey’s Writers Conference in October is the one that is blooming with possibilities.


My List

I love lists, they keep me organized. Without them I would be lost. My current list involves my writing. As mentioned earlier, my writing group is catching up to where I have left off which is wonderful incentive to get my butt in gear and start writing. My characters are never far from my mind and I am always thinking of what predicament to put them in next. I also have to get my short story ready for the Surrey Writers Conference, and for my next newspaper/magazine effort.
A good spring cleaning of my writing desk and I’m off to the races.
It must be spring because I am really excited about this! 🙂

Romance writing

Is it writer’s block?

Do I have writer’s block? I’m not sure. I used to believe that inspiration would come to you when you least expect it and then when you sit in front of your computer and begin typing a wonderful creation will take shape before you.
I don’t believe that anymore.
I can write something – even one sentence if I actually opened up my work and just typed. Most times one sentence leads to a page or two before I either have to go and make supper or I hit another block.
But at least I’m writing.
My problem now is having too many projects on the go at the same time. I’m not sure how it happened – but here I am with one novel to fix, one to continue and a short story to edit.
Nothings gets completed this way.
So pick one – finish it – and then move on. If ideas materialize out of nowhere for the story you are not working on, write them down while they are fresh and they will be there for you when the time comes to work on that particular story.


Almost done

Well, I’m getting closer. I find that I am getting distracted quite easily now – which is not a good thing this close to the finish line. I had written the first draft in the first person and my friend asked me to try writing it in third person, so that is what I am doing. So far so good – I think.