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On A Roll…

Now that things have slowed down around here I have been able to find time to write and get my revisions done. Having a deadline is quite helpful and keeps me on my toes. Of course, the more I fix the more elaborate my scenes are becoming – which is a good thing I suppose – but it seems to keep the midway point just out of reach. That point where I can just take out a word here or a sentence there, and then give it an overall polish before sending it off to agents.

I must say I am getting quite excited as the light at the end of the tunnel gets brighter.

Next, I have to do a synopsis. I’ll save that for another day… 🙂

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When belonging to a critique group, one has to have a thick skin. You are passing your baby, your pride and joy, into someone else’s hands and letting them scribble all over it in red and blue pen making changes, or rather, suggestions, that they think will be helpful.
Take it just as that – suggestions!!!
When you get home and stare at all the crossed out words, add-ins and question marks, remember that they are just suggestions. You have the final say about what you decide to change or fix. You don’t HAVE to do anything you don’t want to – it’s your book after all.
But remember, these people who you have entrusted your manuscript to are trying to help, trying to get you that much closer to the finish line. And another set of eyes does wonders and catches things you missed.
I am very grateful for my critique group and love them to bits. I have learned so much and I will miss them over the Christmas holidays.
Merry Christmas guys. We’re back at it in the New Year.

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Merging of Words

Well, I finally finished my revisions on the first half of my book. What a nice relief! So last night, I merged my revised half with the rest of my book and now I have a complete manuscript again. My word count is just over 72000.

Now I have some more revisions to do to make sure the last half of my manuscript matches the first half. It may sound a bit daunting, but I am actually looking forward to it.

I’m on a mission to complete it before Surrey and that is what I am going to do!

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Figuring it out

I have been writing like crazy working out scenes and asking myself – does this make sense? Will the reader understand what I am saying and have I answered any questions the reader may have?

I am working my way through a crucial scene – something that happens before my hero and heroine meet, but it is the common factor that brings them together.

So, I write in my little black notebook, which I take with me whenever I can, and work the scenes out. I have been writing dialogue as well as the scenes play out in my head. I am enjoying this new development of my writing as it keeps me on track.

I am considering the idea of recipe cards pinned up on my board with all the scenes mapped out to see at a glance. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time now but my notebook is working fine for the moment.

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It’s been a good month or so since I’ve been to my critique group due to various events that came up in my hectic life. Yesterday, I was finally able to go with my revised first chapter, and besides a few bad cliches, I did pretty well.

After supper, the urge to do my corrections hit hard. I changed those cliches, took care of some past tenses and I can see a big difference already.

Looking forward to correcting chapter two.

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Well, I decided that no serious writing is going to get done if I don’t clear away all the clutter from my small little writing desk. I have started to file and organize some important papers I forgot I had, and VOILA! my mind suddenly feels less cluttered as well.
Next I am going to organize my days leading up to the conference to make sure I get in at least 1-2 hours of writing time done each day. I will be making a schedule tomorrow which I will share with you. I feel it’s important to be accountable to someone in order to motivate and encourage positive action.

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Is it ready?

Ok, so now my short story has gone through two revisions. Something new each time – how does that work? Hmmm… Anyway, I am going to polish it in the next couple of days and then send it off for the agonizing wait to see if it will be accepted.
I have much to keep me busy in the meantime as I start working on chapter three of my current novel – but that’s another story.
Wish me luck. 🙂

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Well, my short story has been edited and now it’s time to start the corrections. Of course I still have the word count to think about. I can’t go over 800 words.
I find it amazing how a fresh pair of eyes can catch the stuff you thought obvious. Why is she here? Was she carrying this book or did it just appear out of know where? Well, no…
As I am feeling a bit under the weather, revisions will have to wait until the weekend.
Happy writing!