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I Pressed the Send Button

I finally did it! I sent my synopsis and first three chapters to the agent who requested my work. Whew!!! What a process that turned out to be. The synopsis I had to prepare was only two pages long. As I prepared to write it, I couldn’t believe I had to get 250 pages onto two pages – but I did. I got right down to the bare bones, filled it with emotional conflict, back story, and the black moment. I prepared the email, proofread everything and let my cursor hover over the send button.

Did I forget anything? Did I catch every mistake? Was I professional enough? Did I do it right??? – is what it comes down to in the end.

So, I let my cursor hover a little longer as I re-read the email again… my heart raced, my breath caught, I started humming a silly tune, then I took a deep breath and pressed the send button. I have to admit, my body shook with nervousness, but I was giddy.

Yeah me! A goal accomplished… I don’t know what the outcome will be, but I’m proud of following through and getting my work out there.